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Lloyd Italico

Generali Lloyd Italico is a brand of Generali Italia S.p.A. It has a deep knowledge of sea shipping insurance and now operates through a network of 228 professional Agents, about 700 co-workers, 183 agencies and provides its customers with products covering all insurance requests. The brand Generali Lloyd Italico offers solutions designed to meet the security needs of  family , SME and professionals. Each proposal is designed to offer flexibility and customization to customers: its modular structure as well as allowing you to choose the protection area, allows you to define an insured maximum amount. Offers other valid options to diversify investments, increase the value of savings, preserve properties and include the public welfare. Innovation, the research of new and better solutions and customer service are the trademarks of Generali Lloyd Italico which are always in line with the changing demands of policyholders.



D.A.S. Is the oldest and most experienced international organization experts in Legal Protection. Its origins date back to the extraordinary intuition of Georges Durand, father of the legendary 24 Ore di Le Mans, city where in 1917 D.A.S. “Defense Automobile et Sportive” was founded with the goal of offering insurance to drivers of the first sports competitions at the time. Since then D.A.S. has become a well established company in the international scene, being on the top in Europe, with 12 million customers in 18 countries and an income of € 1.1 billion.

DAS Legal Services

D.A.S. Legal Services Srl is a company controlled by DAS Spa Insurance company which is a national reference in legal protection.

D.A.S. Legal Services was founded with the goal of integrating DAS insurance offer with a wide range of high services for businesses and professionals in order to benefit form very advantageous conditions.

Europ Assistance

Europ Assistance – “You live we care”

“Assist our clients in all situations, from daily life to emergency situations, offering all kind of services and products in different areas such as: Travel & Auto, Health, Housing and Family”.


Europ Assistance Group is an insurance company, worldwide leaders in private assistance. Founded in Paris in 1963, the Group is specialized in travel insurance, in Car, Housing, Family and Health sectors. The company offers a wide range of assistance services to fulfill all requests both in emergency and daily life situations. 
The Europ Assistance Holding headquarters are located in Paris and the social capital is property of Assicurazioni Generali Group. Europ Assistance operates in Italy since 1968 where it is the leader in private assistance. In 1993 in order to comply with European Directive CEE 84/641 which clasifies assistance as a type of insurance service, Europ Assistance has become an Insurance Company that operates in different sectors such as: accidents, Health, Housing, Auto, Transport (luggage damage), Civil responsibility, money loss and Legal services. The group finished 2012 with an income of 1.417 million Euro.


Consel s.p.a

The company Consel SpA, based in Turin, works in consumer credit by providing a wide range of products focused on credit, especially loans for installments and credit cards. Performs their activities through a structure of branches and points of sale all over Italy.

L’Agenzia G.Rollando s.a.s, agreed with the Company Consel to offer its customers the chance to get credit cards, loans for consumer goods and more.

Credit card Consel:

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