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Your tailor of trust
Insurance company and tailer,what do they have in common? Both the insurance company and tailor are working in order to offer you a unique and tailor-made product. As the tailor who will make sure to measure you right, so the dress will suit you perfectly, Insurance company G.Rollando s.a.s will study your request and will give you the most suitable insurance solution taking into account your requirements. In order to provide this service the agency works with the most important insurance companies and will support you from the moment of purchase until after sales. The company will support you with care, all along the way, offering you continuous consultancy and will guide you through, in case of claim.
Our agents offer their skills in the insurance sector and because of their experience in this sector and the knowledge of local problems, they are capable of providing the most suitable and efficient answer you may need.
Agency Founder
E-mail – giuseppe.rollando@lloyditalico.net
Phone – 0184 260762

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“Honesty is the best policy”.
- Miguel de Cervantes Saavedra -
High level Technical Degree graduated in 1965, he joined the staff of the agency insurance Fiumeter of Bordighera, where he remained until 1970, the year where the company was absorbed by Assitalia. In 1971, he become the representative agent of the insurance company Lloyd Italico and l’Ancore s.p.a. together with the former insurance agent Mr. Spiga. In 1980 he takes over the management of the agency Giuseppe Rollando.Thanks to the help of reliable collaborators, manages to build a great customer portfolio not only in the branch r.c. Auto, but as well in elementary branches as, life, guarantee insurance and transport. In the eighties, in the beginning of the information /computer technologies and realizing the great development of this sector as well as business management, proceeds with the computer systems modernization of agencies before the rest of them. With this new structure, the agency receives many awards by the company represented and the D. A. S. s.p.a. Insurance company of legal advice that will be represented by him in 2009 achieving top results. The agent takes part in the social life of the insurance group, and he becomes member of the insurance executive agents board for which he will cover important roles as lastly vice-president. In January 2012 he founded the insurance company G.Rollando S.A.S. together with her daughter Giulia Rollando and, at the same time, he receives a new role for the Alleanza Toro brand Lloyd Italico and the DAS. The new management keeps the previous standards: improving their expertise, insurance consultancy and legal advice. Meeting customers expectations, customers who are becoming increasingly sensitive to the matter.
E-mail – giulia.rollando@lloyditalico.net
Phone – 0184 260762

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“Borders are just conventions, we can go beyond them!”.

Of classical studies , she receives the University degree of  laws by the Catholic University of Sacro Cuore of Milano in April 2009. During her university studies she took part in Socrates Erasmus programs by the University of Paris X Nanterre. She does a research work for her thesis in labor laws by l’ Institut du Droit Social of this French University. While studying she has constant relationship with her father´s insurance agency, with their colleagues and with the principal company Lloyd Italico Assicurazioni s.p.a., in Genova, she attended regularly insurance trainings and courses and in 2005 she participates in the master degree:” contractual relationship and administrative managemet “. Earning along with his colleagues the title of “Masterizzata”. After graduation she faces two years of law internship. First at the council of the association of lawyers of Sanremo and subsequently in a large law firm in Genova Simultaneously, in July 2010, she qualifies to subscribe in the “Registro Unico degli Intermediari assicurativi e riassicurativi (RUI),” A section, after passing the exam relating to Sede Centrale dell’ISVAP in Rome in January 2012. In January 2012 she is completely immersed in the insurance world , setting up with her father and agent Giuseppe Rollando, the homonym company insurance company. G. Rollando s.a.s. and receives at the same time, the representation of the company Alleanza Toro marchio Lloyd Italico s.p.a. and DAS s.p.a. In the new company she takes care of Insurance consultancy ,risk analysis and estimates, in the agency which was headquarters, in the branches of : civil liability, damage, life, welfare and legal advice, both for home users and companies. She is responsible of staff management and of their collaborators at a legal and contractual level. She follows and takes care of the sales network of the sub -agents and producers and she works in staff training, she is as well the public relations of the company, manages the contracts with the mandati she maintains the relationship with some consultants and in general with clients and with the public. She organizes meetings and courses for new products and/or about new insurance information and legal of major interest.

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